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The 2017 Race Series

The 2017 Race Series offers awards to Club members who accrue the most points in the following divisions:

• Open
• Rookie (individuals participating in triathlon during their first year)
• Masters (athletes aged 55+ on December 31, 2017)
• Youth (athletes aged under 18 on December 31, 2017)

The Las Vegas Triathlon Club’s race series director will acquire and tabulate points for all Club events. The Club president will award prizes at the 2018 Annual Kick-Off Party.

(Last updated on 6-25-17)

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Top Female Master Division (55+) Finisher
1st Place Sandy Gosnell 15
2nd Place Darlene Savage 8
3rd Place Kaye Nelson 3

Top Male Master Division (55+) Finisher
1st Place Richard Gosnell 16
2nd Place Dennis Nelson 8
3rd Place Ed Hoffman 7

Top Male Youth Division Finisher
1st Place Joey Micali Jr. 14
2nd Place Justin Neubeck 6
3rd Place Ethan Porter 4

Top Female Youth Division Finisher
1st Place Jessica Bialas 12
2nd Place Erica Schulz 7
3rd Place Maddie Barrie 6

Top Male Finisher
2nd Place Matt Gosnell 12
3rd Place Joey Micali 7
3rd Place Owen Henderson 7
3rd Place Maximus Jones 7

Top Female finisher
2nd Place Kim Jefferson 13
3rd Place Susan Dreihaupt 8

Male Rookie of the Year
1st Place Jeffrey Eastep 4
2nd Place Daniel Reed 3
2nd Place Dan Threlkeld 3

Female Rookie of the Year
1st Place Kelly Goodall 6
2nd Place Michelle Lockary 4
3rd Place Kimberly Higgs 3

1st Place Overall Female
Kathy Micali 18

1st Place Overall Male
Mark Malone 21

The purpose of the Las Vegas Triathlon Club’s Race Series is to encourage participation and competition in the sport of triathlon and each of its sub-sports.

The 2017 Race Series awards individuals who demonstrate skill and commitment during Club activities.