This month’s spotlighted member is a relative newcomer to the sport, but a man who is improving at a rapid pace, Shawn Roof.

Shawn’s first triathlon was the 2017 Rage Sprint.  Since then, he’s been consistent, doing Sand Hollow, Kokopelli, and the Las Vegas Triathlons.  His favorites are the Lake Mead races, because he loves Lake Mead and enjoys seeing the lake when coming down the hill from Lake Shore Drive, proving that he has a good balance between competition and enjoying the moment.

Shawn is learning fast, as he quickly came to realize the balance that is needed between nutrition, technique, training, and rest – the issues that all triathletes must learn to coordinate. Shawn has come to the realization that his best training and racing performances come after significant rest and recovery.

Shawn also puts brains with his brawn – he has learned the importance of a well-organized transition area and setting up early so he has time for a good warmup.

As young as Shawn appears, he has two sons, 18 and 15, which shows that he’s keeping himself fit and healthy.  When asked about his “Why”, Shawn said that it is the challenge of changing his life from what it was and overcoming obstacles and fear.  “I challenged myself to at least go and do a Tri even though it was a Sprint Distance, and joining a club with elite athletes in it even though it was intimidating. These were some of the best choices I have ever made and would encourage others to do so.”

Shawn, we’re so glad you made those choices.  You’ve got a rock-solid start to a great triathlon career.  Soon, I have no doubt that you’ll be one of those “elite athletes” that newbies will find intimidating!