Beginner & Advanced Triathlete Panel Discussion

Date: 3/9/2015

Event Location: Las Vegas – Boca Park REI

Event Fee: Free

Time: 6:00 – 8:30 PM PDT

Group Size: 75

Description: Las Vegas Triathlon Members will have a panel discussion on tips, tricks, adventures and education regarding their triathlon experiences. Join our community that contains hundreds of triathletes from beginners to professional athletes. Bring your questions.

Guest Speakers include: Bailey Hinz, Moniek Pullen-Brand, Ranae Facemire Winemiller , Victor M. Rodriguez and Melodie England Cronenberg

Medals 4 Mettle (M4M) will be accepting your unwanted race medals at the our meeting.

Medals 4 Mettle is an international non-profit that facilitates the giving of race medals (half, full, or tri) to children and adults battling serious or debilitating illnesses. These people demonstrate mettle everyday without the support of crowds of spectators cheering them on; M4M celebrates this bravery and recognizes there is always someone in a tougher race than our own.


We are finalizing and still adding a few more people to our panel now….more to come soon!

If you would like to attend please register at the following link.

Boca Park REI
710 S Rampart Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Phone:(702) 951-4488