Summer Swim #3

/Summer Swim #3
  • Summer Swim #3
    May 30, 2018
    6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Come and join us for 12 weeks of open water swimming!  These are kayak and lifeguard supported.  These are beginner to elite friendly.  We mark a course for you and you can swim as many laps as you want for 45 minutes.  We start at 6:00pm and everyone is out of the water by 6:45pm.

Bright colored swim caps are usually handed out, so we can tell who our athletes are.  We also have our athletes sign in and out so we know you have left the water.

For those new to open water swimming, we encourage you to swim, waist deep, parallel to the shore.  If you are uncomfortable at any time, you are able to stand up.  You can also swim from the shore to the buoy and back for a shorter distance if you do not have endurance yet.  There are plenty of things we can recommend to make this fun and enjoyable.

We encourage you to bring a personal buoy to attach to yourself in the event of an emergency, but it is not required.

To avoid collisions, swimming etiquette around buoys is like driving a car.  Always keep the buoys on your left.  Please see map below.

If we cancel a swim, due to adverse weather, we will send an e-mail and post a notification to our Facebook page by 4:30pm.  Adverse weather guidelines are generally winds above 15mph sustained or 25mph gusts.  Lightning present or rain with flooding.  We monitor the Lake Mead Weather Satellite which is located in Callville Bay.

A pot luck dinner follows the swim at the picnic area at the top of the ramp.  Bring a dish to share.  It’s a great way to meet fellow athletes.

These events do not need an RSVP, just show up!


268 Lakeshore Road, Boulder Beach, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005, United States


Boulder Beach

To the Boulder Beach location:

From Boulder City to Boulder Beach: Travel on Highway 93/95 South to Boulder City. Turn left at the Boulder City traffic light and continue on 93 South. Continue on 93 South until you see signs for Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Enter the National Park and stop at the entrance station to pay the National Park Service entrance fee. Stay in the left lane into the Park and continue on Lake Shore Drive. Lake Mead RV Village is located at the second turn on your right.

From Las Vegas to Boulder Beach: Lake Mead is located approximately 45-60 minutes from the Strip. From I-15 South or Las Vegas Blvd., exit on 215 East. 215 East will turn into Lake Mead Drive. Stay on Lake Mead Drive until you enter the National Park. After you pay the National Park Service entrance fee at the entrance station, take the very first right, towards Boulder Beach. You'll pass a Ranger Station and the Fishery. Once you pass the sign for Boulder Beach, turn left immediately into Lake Mead RV Village.

Boulder Beach Address: 268 Lakeshore Road, Boulder City, Nevada 89005


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