How did you get started in multi-sport?

I decided to help support a friend doing an indoor triathlon by doing it with her.  I loved it so much I tried an outdoor after & that’s when I really fell in love with the sport.

What is your triathlon/multisport history?

I started racing triathlon 3 years ago. My first season consisted of all sprints.  My second Olympics.  This season was my third & I did Sprints, Olympics & my first Half Ironman.  I also qualified for my professional license in my first half, this year.

What is your favorite triathlon/duathlon/multisport event and why.

I love the local races because they are easy to get to and it’s fun to race and cheer friends on.  Also, I really like Big Bear Olympic (it was my first Olympic Distance Race) because it is beautiful and fun.  Love Malibu Triathlon because it is a fast & fun course.  Texas 70.3 will always have a special place in my heart as that is where my dream came true.  I love Augusta 70.3 till I got a flat.  This is a tough question for me because every race is fun.

What has been your best athletic performance? Or the one you’re most proud of? Any PRs you’re especially proud of?

Getting my professional license in my first Half Ironman.  Next is beating John in a sprint finish.

What are the training or racing tips, tricks, or “aha” moments that have made the biggest impact on your swimming, biking, and running performance?

Biggest training tip I have is to not rush things.  Build distance over time.  Hire a coach you can trust as everyone will have their opinion on how things should be done.  Get use to training alone and if you get to train with others every now & then great.  Get involved with your local club, like The Las Vegas Triathlon Club as they will be a great resource of knowledge.  Racing tips be as prepared as possible but learn to relax & have fun.

What lesson(s) have you learned that you could impart on the rest of us to save us from learning what you learned the hard way?

Hire a coach you can trust to direct you.  Not one that is just book smart but one that has been in sport & isn’t just going to give you a plan to follow.  Swimming takes time, so learn to love the little victories & be patient.  Cycling find group rides to do as they will teach you so much.  Running make sure to change your shoes often.  I am terrible at this, but this is important to staying healthy.  Practice transitions and eat like you would in a race.  Your nutrition is so important, and you don’t want to find out race day how you are going to react to doing something new.

What is your favorite ride or rides, and why?

I love doing new rides.  Most I love riding out at the lake.  Probably because I live in Summerlin and ride Red Rock all the time.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn’t have guessed.

I hate fruity guys & drinks!  lol

Lastly, and most importantly – what is your “why?”  Why do you train and race triathlon or multisport? What gets you out of bed in the morning?  

I love this question because it is loaded.  My “why” has changed and always continues to change.  My initial “why” was to support a friend.  Then it developed into I want to be badass and do an outdoor TRI.  After my first outdoor race it became “I can do better than that.”  Then it was because I wanted to do an Olympic.  After that it became what I wasn’t sure was possible, because I wanted to become a professional triathlete.  My current “why” is because I want to keep up with the pro ladies.  Often, I ask myself why I am doing this as the day in and day out grind can make that goal hard to see.  Often the goal seems not possible, and the sport quickly teaches you anything is possible.  Many races (I need to mention I love racing) I ask myself why I am I doing this, and once I work through that tough moment(s) the goal becomes clearer.  This is important because your “why” will change, if you love the sport, you will work through the why-nots and learn you are capable of so much more than you ever knew!