It takes a village to raise an athlete! Jones Endurance Project is a full-service Endurance and Multisport coaching community. It’s primary mission beneath the road to any finish line, is to educate beyond traditional endurance training systems. Recognizing the philosophy and life parallels within endurance sports to better adhere it to one’s life FOREVER, is the name of the JEP game. Though despite the unique approach, pragmatism, science, and continued field exploration take a front seat. Assessments and testing, educational clinics, and a solid network of driven partnering professionals in the field are regular features of the athletic programming. This ENDURANCE ECOSYSTEM organically builds not only stronger athletes in love with the lifestyle, but an incredible foundation in the local/social environment keeping people accountable, motivated, and part of a veritable ‘endurance family’. 


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African run proverb and Jones Endurance Project philosophy

CEO Nancy Jones is a mom, a coach, a wife, and an athlete in whatever order is most demanded of the day. She thrives on orchestrating that common struggle in her own world as an athlete/mom/wife/business owner. And lives to recognize her athletes’ individual juggling act. Then helps plot their path to the merging of athleticism/family/career/racing and any of life’s variables into a workable process that only IMPROVES LIFE.   She’s been working in the wellness industry as a fitness coach since 2000 and coaching all distance endurance athletes since 2009. While the local race scene with her ‘tribe’ is her favorite, she’s very humbled and proud to report that she’s participated in some serious prestigious events to include: Kona Ironman World Championships 2015 and 2016; 70.3 World Championships 2012; Boston Marathon 2012; and ITU Long Course World Championships 2011 to name a few. Though, she still considers herself a ‘beginner’. Cuz she never stops learning about her field and craft.  And remains in the trenches with everyone still discovering the joys of endurance racing! Current applicable certifications include USA Triathlon Coaching Level 1, National Strength and Conditioning Personal Fitness Trainer, and Aerobic Fitness Association of America Personal Fitness Trainer.