Melodie Cronenberg
T3 Triathlon, Sports and Fitness LLC

Melodie instructs classes and individuals in beginning to advanced swimming, physical fitness, cycling, water running and water aerobics, as well as, coaches individual athletes through the full scope of physical, technical and mental skills required for multi-sport racing.

Coaching swim, bike, run, physical fitness – that is what I do! And I love it!

Oh, I am also an active triathlete. And I love that, too!

I first discovered my path of “all things triathlon” in 2003 as a spectator at one of the first Las Vegas Triathlons, then held at Lake Las Vegas. In one of those proverbial lightning-bolt moments, I knew immediately that this was the sport for me. From that time forward, pursuing a passion for our sport has led me to wonderful opportunities in racing and, ultimately, in coaching. And sharing this journey with other triathlete friends – the highs and lows of training and racing and all of life’s hurdles – has given my life breadth and depth and fulfillment.

After a couple of years practicing my skills in Sprint and Olympic distance races, I tightened my seat belt and took the leap to long course, 70.3 and full Ironman distance races. I am fortunate to have completed 25 full Ironman races. I am honored to have qualified and raced in 7 Ironman World Championship races in Kona, as well as two Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Being invited to be a member of Team USA and participate in the ITU Long Course World Championship in China, and placing 2nd, was a racing and traveling  experience that still gives me goose bumps.

The road to coaching started in earnest in 2014, when I began working as an assistant coach with XCELL Performance Group – teaching bike and swim classes, organizing events and coaching a couple of athletes – while still working at my Oh-So-Boring day job! The following year, after leaving my OSB Day Job, the long anticipated transition to my Dream Job became a reality!

First assignment – get going with an intense education in all aspects of sports coaching! I started the certification process by becoming a Life Guard and Red Cross Swimming Instructor –  working as an employee of the City of Las Vegas Aquatic Department. Being involved in these activities on a daily basis truly cemented my skills.  The next step was to become more effective teaching swimmers who wanted to improve their skills, whether it be for racing or simply  to become more efficient. Obtaining a certification as a US Masters Level II Coach was my requirement – check! I was then able to take on full time responsibility from XCELL  for the “Swim Training for Triathlon” program with the City of Henderson. A program that continues weekly at Whitney Ranch Pool

During this flurry of coach-education, I also earned my USA Triathlon, Level 1 Coach certification. Since  triathlon is my sport-of-choice, I feel honored to have learned (and to keep learning) from some truly phenomenal coaches and to pass the knowledge on to coached athletes.  As a coach, my greatest responsibilities are to keep athletes safe, to help them avoid injury, to guide them toward their goals, to give them knowledge and skills to use when training on their own, and to keep up with that ever-changing knowledge and technology.

Yes, continuing to expand my knowledge is a must! So, last year I earned certification with International Sport and Science Association (ISSA), as a Certified Personal Trainer. Folks, this one was a bear! But I learned such good stuff to share with you!

Life is certainly not O-S-B any longer!  I also get to work with the City of Henderson as a Personal Trainer at city gyms around town. And, at the Lake Las Vegas Sports Club (one of my favorite places to ride) as a swim, spin, and fitness trainer. Most of these are people who have a desire to get and stay fit so they can enjoy an active lifestyle – racing, meh, not so much. But, Variety is The Spice!

The topper to my story? Establishing my own coaching business, T3 Triathlon, Sports and Fitness. Oh, how sweet.

Coaching is a constant flow of teaching and learning – whether it be from instructors or athletes or those simply striving to become healthy and stay active. I truly must continue to work to be the best I can be –  from study and practical application, to being open to new ideas, to trying different techniques and adventures – that is my goal.

Personally, I feel another big responsibility is to give back – to pass on the generous help and support that was – and is – given to me by those I’ve met all along this journey, in and out of sport. I am thrilled to be a 2019 Las Vegas Triathlon Club Ambassador; and, am especially looking forward to working with new triathletes at our upcoming clinics and workouts.

Oops, almost forgot – Rule #1.

Have Fun!

See you out there!

Coach Mel
(702) 239-1925