Member Highlights of the Las Vegas Triathlon Club

Christy Keeler

Why are we profiling Dr. Christy Keeler this month?  Because of her infectious smile, her contagious positive attitude, her sense of humor, her big heart, and… she’s full of surprises!  (You didn’t know she is a Ph.D., did you?)  And regarding the ‘sense of humor and big heart’ comment, when asked if she has any [...]


Naomi Hermina

This month’s Member Profile focuses on one of our most consistent triathletes, Naomi Hermina, who completed all three of our Club Triathlons in 2018. Naomi’s triathlon journey shows how far she’s come in a very short amount of time.  She caught the triathlon bug when she was riding a single-speed bike with friends in 2013 [...]


Rodo Cao

Nickname: Rodo! How did you get started in multi-sport? I always loved sports. But when I was a kid I saw a race back in Argentina. I always wanted to do one. What is your triathlon/multisport history? I did the Las Vegas Triathlon in 2012.  Since then I have done a lot of the BBSC [...]

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